I am a curious optimist on a quest to learn and share. I was a biomedical researcher who took to sports photography which led to becoming an entrepreneur and a swim coach/analyst. I went back to university to study Sport Physiology as I wanted to learn more, I now apply my knowledge and continually seek for more. 

I was working as a scientist in a diagnostic start up as soon as I finished an MSc in biotechnology.  A bone tumor in my foot kept me from working in the labs and led me to the business development wing, which I thoroughly enjoyed but I missed the labs so I applied for project associate position in a multi-disciplinary project at IISc. A mix of electronics, biochemistry and diagnostics, it was a very exciting and challenging applied project which lead to scientific publications and patents. I took to photography as a hobby and convened the club at the institute which lead to contributing to a friend’s website on hockey and eventually assignments. I had a chat with my professor and chose to take a break from the labs.

Athletes I observed from the side-lines helped me stay motivated (subconsciously) in my own recovery. I realised that I wanted to be a part of the Indian sports ecosystem. I was in awe of their capabilities and wanted to learn more, a conversation with a coach who helped break national records using a scientific approach made me think. A friend ushered me to attend a swimming workshop in the UK which lead the aqua-phobic me into becoming a swim coach and analyst. I completed an MSc in Applied Sport Physiology and have touched only the tip of the iceberg and on a quest for more. 

I did not think I would choose photography over science, neither did I know that science will be the integral link between the past and present of my journey. None of it was served on a plate but the challenges have been very satisfying. Learning and evolving from every experience is humbling, stay curious, and believe in yourself.

As published in Science Times:   https://www.instagram.com/p/BpxSORyBqM9/ 

Here’s a capsule of my journey so far:

Year Organisation Role Notes
2008-2010 ReaMetrix Scientist  Got placed while completing my MSc thesis. An innovation lead diagnostics company. I worked on the first FDA approved diagnostic product from India which also won BioSpectrum Best Innovation Award. 
2010-2013 IISc  Project Associate  Interdisciplinary projects between ECE, Biochemistry, CeNSE  & Molecular Biology Unit.  Published papers and filed a patent, and the project eventually later developed into a startup on campus. 
2010-2013 Photography Club IISc  Convenor  Convened the club and organised various events including three exhibitions, revamped a club that was dormant for a very long time and passed the baton with a framework 
2011-2013 Notebook Drive Core member  Organised various drives, and mentored students from local schools and contributed to the planning of events and structure of the volunteer group 
2012 Fans OF Hockey  Photographer and Editor  Joined the founder and contributed to its projects 
2012 Jude Felix Hockey Academy  Volunteer  Learnt nuances of how an NGO is run and grassroot hockey training and development structure through volunteering 
2013 Rolling Shutterz Co-Founder Co-founded a community photography group to increase outreach of cycling in Bangalore through images and stories
2013 MTB Himalaya  Photographer  Worked at one of Asia’s toughest MTB mutli-stage event, learnt how to make things happen even in the remotest parts of the foothills of the Himalayas 
2013 Tour of Nilgiris Photographer  Volunteered with a group of people and learnt key life lessons about human egos and insecurities
2013-2016 Communications Head n Photographer  Bangalore Ultimate Open  Helped with overall event communication, PR and sponsor management along with photography for various editions of India’s biggest Ultimate Frisbee tournament over few editions. 
2013 – 2018  Davis Cups, Bengaluru Opens Photographer  Photographer and involved with the communications channels working closely with organising committees towards fulfilling sponsor commitments and showcasing the event highlights
2014-2016 UPAI  Communications Head  Managed Communications and helped streamline processes including  committees and managed social media channels and sponsors 
2015 Smart Progression  Director CoFounded a Sports Enterprise towards bringing the best practices for coaching and consulting  (currently in Swimming and cycling) to India. 
2015 MVS Cycling Carnival  Communications Associated with event experience, communication and photography for the last three editions of the event working closely with the organising team, eventually inducted into the organising team for future editions
2016 U23 Ultimate World Championships  2016 Media  Worked with World Flying Disc Federation as a key member of the Media Team of the event. 
2016 TI Swimming Coach  First Indian to qualify as a Total Immersion Swim Coach. A great learning experience from being aquaphobic to overcoming my fears and helping swimmers of all levels including age groupers towards achieving PBs. 
2016-17 M.Sc.  Applied Sports Physiology Pursued an MSc in Sport Physiology to understand sports science and venture further into its applications to the Indian Sports Ecosystem 
2017 WCBU2017 Media  Worked with Beach Ultimate and World Flying Disc Federation as a key member of the Media Team of the event. 
2017 Start up  Advisor  Consultant for a swimming technology start up 
2018 Bikefitter  Cycling Analyst  Completed an international advanced course in bikefitting  from the best in the world 
2018 Pinnacle  Honorary Member  A member of an organisation working towards creating unique cycling event such as the MVS Cycling Carnival & Briar MTB Challenge.