Coaching: Not just an ‘on paper’ job but a key cog in the wheel

The country’s apex sporting body announced today that it has employed 11 Olympic and three Paralympic athletes as coaches. It makes me wonder why.

Decisions such as these expose the depth in rationalizing, or the lack thereof, within the system. It is important to note that the Sports Authority of India (SAI) press release acknowledges that some of these athletes are still pursuing their competitive career.Is giving them responsibilities as “coaches” the only way to keep them associated with the sport? Continue reading “Coaching: Not just an ‘on paper’ job but a key cog in the wheel”

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My running journey

When I enrolled to become a sport physiologist, I had no idea I would be in the labs, testing on cycling ergometers and treadmills as much as I did. I did not have any experience on them myself, not until I realised they are key testing equipment.

I was always active, exercise being an excuse to get outdoors, not into a room of machines. The gym, in my mind then, was for those who did not want to get out, but in a cold country where it rains almost all the time, a gym membership was the norm. Not an exception. Continue reading “My running journey”

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