Kaveri Trail Marathon 2018: Brutal Beauty

I got to stop and breath the fresh chilly morning air, observe the rising sun, listen to the chirping birds, and walk along the mystical trail with a flowing river on one side sugarcane and paddy fields on the other as a photographer at the Kaveri Trail Marathon.

All this while cheering the runners, each one with a story of one’s own. Some in Srirangapatna for the first time, many of us back to refresh our memories of its elegance. All either zoned in and charging towards the finish line or breaking their rhythm to smile or pose for the camera. 

Every runner on the day exhibited determination to touch the finish line and proudly be a finisher. One could see most conquering their inner demons or having quiet conversations with themselves to finish. Time seemed to have stalled at India’s oldest trail marathon which is famous for being as brutal as it is beautiful.

The setting of the trail is almost as if perfectly staged with the farmers, on their bullock carts or children on their bicycles, going about their everyday routine and passing a quick glance as they pass the runners. After 11  years, they must be used to the city folk clocking the distance they run in their front yards.  

The trail also reunited me with friends who are following their passion and furthering their dreams, much more power to you. 

Like The Fuller Life‘s tagline, this trail, runners and friends constantly remind me, there is only “One Life. Do More”.  Go chase those dreams and tick your bucket lists.  

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